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Laynie's babbles

Lemonade Girl
2 August 1972
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I am a lot of things. I'm a wife, a mother, an artist. My son has type 1 diabetes. I'm an activist, and educator. I'm a pain in the ass, a lot of the time. I moderate am_i_pregnant and birthcontrol, because I believe in educating young women about their bodies.

I also moderate femmehealth. It's a women's health community that focuses on education, encouragement, and empowerment for women and those who care about women. Feel free to come in and check us out!

I'm an artist. This manifests in a lot of ways, but right now my thing is photography. I use a Nikon D50. It's my baby... Be warned, I post a *lot* of pictures. I do try to put most of them behind an lj cut, though. I also have a sense of humor, though it's hard to tell from this intro. But really, I don't bite. Well... much. =D

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(for the LJ contact/protection meme I posted my contact information in a private entry dated January 1st, 1990 - I give the Live Journal team permission to access this info in an emergency situation)